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NRA Inspects New Diagnostic Radiology Machine

2023-07-11 12:01:55


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Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


Inspectors of the Radiological and Non-Ionising Directorate (RNID) of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Ghana have completed an inspection of a new Diagnostic Radiological Machine called the Nanox Arc. The Nanox Arc, the first of its kind in the country, provides three-dimensional (3D) tomographic images using tomosynthesis; a new type of digital radiology image processing that can look at multiple layers of human tissues. This helps to overcome some of the limitations of the conventional two-dimensional (2D) imaging processing modalities. The Nanox Arc’s provision of 3D tomographic images will enhance medical diagnosis to improve treatment.


The Nanox Arc is installed at University of Ghana Medical Center, Radiology Department in collaboration with Forte Medical in Accra Ghana, to train healthcare professionals from Ghana and across Africa on the use of the 3D multi-source system of the machine.


As required by Nuclear Regulatory Authority ACT 895, all radiation emitting devices in the country should be authorised, a regulatory inspection was therefore conducted on the Nanox Arc. The inspection focused on the suitability of the quality of radiation being used for diagnosis, functionality of key equipment parameters that influence patient dose, effectiveness of the provided protection for the staff and the public. The performance of the equipment and the protection of the staff and the public were acceptable based on the regulatory acceptance criteria. The Nanox Arc has therefore been authorised to be used on patients for medical diagnosis.

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“It is so pleasing to read of activities. May I please know of the estimated total number of computer tomography machine currently in the country and if possible the regional spread of these machine across the country.”

-Michael Nyamadi 2023-08-16 19:10:05