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NRA Hosts Media Workshop to Enhance Understanding of Nuclear Industry

2023-07-11 11:55:29


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Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) of Ghana organized a Media Workshop on Wednesday 12th July 2023, welcoming 22 media personnel to its premises in Kwabenya, Accra. This one-day event aimed to provide valuable insights and foster direct interaction between media professionals and technical experts from the NRA, ultimately enhancing their understanding of regulating radioactive materials and the nuclear industry.

The workshop comprised two informative sessions: a theory session and a practical session. During the theory session, participants were introduced to the NRA and gained comprehensive knowledge about radiation, including its uses, benefits, and potential harmful effects. In addition, the media personnel were informed about the NRA's crucial role in Ghana's Nuclear Power Programme. A detailed overview of the NRA Act was also provided, allowing attendees to grasp the regulatory framework in which the NRA operates.

The practical session of the workshop allowed the media personnel to observe various types of equipment used for detecting and measuring radiation. This hands-on experience enabled them to familiarize themselves with the tools employed in the field and develop a deeper understanding of their functionality.

One of the primary functions of the NRA is to educate the public on matters related to radiation and nuclear energy. Through this workshop, the NRA sought to equip media professionals with the necessary knowledge and resources to report on radiation, radioactive materials, and nuclear-related stories accurately, objectively, and credibly. By enhancing the media's understanding of the industry, the NRA aims to contribute to a better-informed public perception of nuclear energy.

Dr. Nii Kwashie Allotey, the Director General of the NRA, expressed his optimism about the positive impact this workshop will have on media coverage of nuclear matters. He stated, "We believe that a well-informed media plays a vital role in shaping public understanding. By providing media personnel with direct access to our technical experts and comprehensive information, we are confident that they will be better equipped to report on radiation, nuclear energy, and related topics, ultimately contributing to a more informed and educated public."

The NRA remains committed to fostering transparency, knowledge dissemination, and public engagement regarding radiation and nuclear industry matters. Such workshops are part of the NRA's ongoing efforts to fulfill its educational mandate and strengthen collaboration with media organizations.

All media personnel received Certificates of Participation after the workshop.

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