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NRA Hosts Hon. Christopher T. Hanson, USNRC Chairman

2023-07-24 17:47:26


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Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) on behalf of the Government of Ghana, hosted Hon. Christopher T. Hanson, Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), and his team on a two-day working visit to Ghana, from 20-21 July 2023.

The visit underscored the enduring partnership, significant shared commitment, and collaboration between the USNRC and the NRA which was initiated by the signing of an inaugural bilateral arrangement for cooperation and the exchange of technical information back in 2017. Since then, both regulatory bodies have been engaged in frequent collaboration on various nuclear energy safety and security-related initiatives, especially as Ghana forges ahead in establishing a robust regulatory oversight programme for future nuclear power endeavours.

As part of the visit, Dr Nii Kwashie Allotey, the Director-General of NRA, led the NRA-USNRC delegation, to have courtesy meetings with Hon. Dr Kwaku Afriyie, the Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation and Hon. William Owuraku-Aidoo, a Deputy Minister for Energy. These meetings provided an opportunity to discuss the significant strides made in radiological regulation and nuclear safety and regulation and explored opportunities for further strengthening the bilateral relationship between the USNRC and the NRA.

They also visited some of the Laboratories of the  Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, as well as the University of Ghana Medical Centre, a licensee of the NRA. These visits offered valuable insights into the nuclear research and medical applications of the nation, highlighting the positive impact of responsible nuclear technology and radiation usage.

Some key highlights:

1.       Strengthening the NRA-USNRC partnership as Ghana develops her own strong, independent regulatory infrastructure and builds staff competencies for ensuring the protection of people and the environment against radiation hazards, in line with international standards and obligations.

2.       Supporting the involvement of Ghana in the IAEA Rays of Hope Initiative which seeks to build partnerships with governments, international financial institutions, and the private sector. This aims to help bridge the gap in radiotherapy facilities, to increase access to cancer care and ultimately save lives, under the auspices of the Office of the Director-General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

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