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Regional Workshop on Conducting Transport Security Inspections

2023-09-28 15:57:18


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Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


From Monday 2 October to Thursday 5 October 2023, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held a Regional Workshop on Conducting Transport Security Inspections in Accra, Ghana. The event which was hosted by the Government of Ghana through the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA), took place at the AH hotel in East Legon, Accra.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide participants with hands-on training to enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in conducting inspections of transport security systems under their supervision.

Participants were primarily from national regulatory bodies of the participating countries, who have responsibilities related to the conduct of transport security inspections, or for the creation of a security inspection programme with a national regulatory body.

The workshop aimed primarily, but not exclusively, to enhance awareness of the importance of strong security inspection programmes for nuclear and radioactive material in transport, as well as to develop participants capacity to conduct security inspections within their respective countries. It also strove to enhance the participants knowledge of inspection techniques and how to conduct a transport security inspection.

All 22 participants were presented with certificates of participation at the closing ceremony on Thursday 5 October 2023.

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