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Media Training for Staff – Building Spokespersons for the Authority

2023-04-20 10:03:56


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Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


As part of the NRAs mandate to educate the public on its core activities and to ensure the safety of people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation, a series of media interviews have been coordinated by the International Relations and Public Affairs Department, to enable key experts from the Authority to speak on relevant issues to keep the public enlightened and informed.


To further equip the front runners and spokespersons of the Authority who interface with the media and other stakeholders on behalf of the organisation, a one-day media training was organised to prepare Senior Management, Heads of Departments, and other focal staff to engage in interviews, seminars, presentations, and other discussions on behalf of the NRA in a professional, confident, and engaging manner.



The training session facilitated by Francis Abban, a renowned radio presenter from Starr FM, afforded participants the opportunity to practice an array of interview situations and formats, taught them appropriate interview etiquette, media ethics, how to anticipate reporter behaviour, avoid common traps, navigate tough questions, confidently focus on their message, or interview objectives, battle nervousness, and, hone the skills necessary to communicate clearly in simple language and also professionally, to the understanding of the general public.


Following the highly successful training session, our experts have started showcasing lessons learnt on Starr FMs Science and Technology Education sessions on "The Horizon", a segment of the morning show; "Morning Starr".

Join us every third Wednesday of the month on Starr 103.5 FMs "The Horizon" at 9 am prompt, as our experts continue to educate the public on the activities of the Authority, as well as how to stay safe from the harmful effects of radiation.

Author: Nuclear Regulatory Authority, International Relations and Public Affairs (IRPA)

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