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Draft Regulations

The Authority regulates all radiation and nuclear facilities and activities in the country through its technical and administrative regulations and requirements. These Technical and Administrative Regulations are at various stages of drafting, review and approval.

Technical Regulations

Basic Ionising Radiation Regulation

Sets dose limits and addresses exposure to ionising radiation arising from work activities and natural radiation

Radioactive Waste Management Regulation

To ensure the safe management of radioactive wastes which may arise during the use of nuclear energy as well as sources of ionizing radiation in order to protect the public, the environment and the future generations

Emergency Preparedness and Response Regulation

To ensure that all nuclear facilities have adequate protective actions in place to protect public health and safety if an accident is to occur.

NORMS Regulation

To ensure that the release of naturally occurring radioactive materials due to human activities are done in a safe manner.

Regulations on Well-Logging

To ensure that companies handling sealed radioactive sources and neutron generators in connection to offshore oil and gas exploration adhere to radiation protection practices to minimise the risk of accidents involving radiation sources.

Regulation on Transport of Radioactive Materials

To help keep drivers, the public, and the environment safe when transporting nuclear and radioactive materials

Safeguards Regulations

To ensure the reporting and verification that assure and demonstrate that civil nuclear material is not diverted unlawfully into military or weapons programmes.

Requirements for Technical Services

To ensure that Technical Service Organisations (TSOs) provide assistance to the Authority in establishing and maintaining an effective regulatory system on sound technical and scientific bases.

Nuclear Security Regulations

To ensure an effective implementation of nuclear security regime to prevent the theft and sabotage of nuclear material, other radioactive material, associated facilities, or associated activities in the country

Draft Licensing of Nuclear Installations Regulation

Describes the method that the NRA considers acceptable to implement the siting of nuclear facilities

Design of Nuclear Installations

To ensure adequate design for the siting of nuclear installations including multiple physical barriers to the release of radioactivity, and the application of strong safety requirements.

Construction of Nuclear Installations

To ensure that the construction of nuclear installations including nuclear power plants meet the required stringent safety standards and guidelines.

Commissioning of Nuclear Installations

To ensure the commissioning of a new reactor facility in terms of the safe operation as it demonstrates that the facility being constructed meets the design requirements and the safety requirements as specified in the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) and in the licensing conditions.

Administrative Regulations

New Fees and Charges Regime

Outlines the fees and charges for its regulatory work to pay for the expenditure it incurs in fulfilling its mandate.